Children are growing incredibly fast. Instary helps you remember all your precious moments, which you’d easily skip otherways. The smiles and how these smiles change from week to week, the different techniques you need to use to make them sleep at last, the great moments when they meet their grandparents or your friends. The amazing walks with the pushchair, the first time they see snow or begin to change place on their own.

Instary is a brand new instant diary app for your iPhone. You can add your everyday photo memories with only a few easy clicks. It helps you remember without the hassle of using a classic diary App or writing a normal diary.

Instary also helps you share these memories with those, who can’t always be with you but are still very much interested in how your baby is growing. You can decide by each and every memory whether you want to keep it as private or share it with specific people – husband or wife, grandparents, sisters, brothers, friends, etc. If you share a memory with someone it appears in his/her Instary too. There is no public timeline, no general followers, you have full control of privacy.Instary_shot

Instary is also there for you to organise these memories. You can search them by date, tags and even people you lived them together with. We help you save these memories for the future and access and search them anytime.

You can download instary from here.

Instary is a new App and it’s totally free of charge, you can download it from the App Store here. (It’s for iPhone as of today, but we also work on the Android version.) We kindly recommend it to you and also appreciate any kind of feedback if you had some thoughts to share with us. You may reach us at

Gergo and the Instary team